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  1. That rent shall be Ksh as agreed per month payable in advance on or before 5th of every month to the Agent without fail and on time. Payment should be made through M-pesa Till No. 337301 (Buy Goods).

Failure to this the agent will lock the house by the 10th of the month without any notice and impose a penalty of Ksh.500 to unlock.

  1. The landlord/agency may seize valuable goods after the 30th of the month as security for unpaid rent and the said goods shall be kept safe until full payment is made, and can be auctioned as compensation for unpaid rent it is not retrieved within 30 days after the house is locked and notice of intention to auction issued.
  2. That breaking into locked house for failure to pay rent by a tenant will attract Legal Action and the cost attendant thereto.
  3. For any legal action taken against any student, the relevant institution shall be notified in writing.
  4. The rent deposit shall be paid together with the first month’s rent which is refundable by the time of vacating the house free of any damages, service charges finally settled.
  5. The tenant must give 30 days’ notice of intention to vacate in writing in order to facilitate the processing of the refund on time. The tenant must attach the deposit receipt and submit it together with the said notice.
  6. The amount of deposit shall be equivalent to one month(s) rent.

NB: The deposit will never substitute rent.

  • A non refundable agency fee will be paid once on initial entry as per following ranges:
Range of rent (Ksh)Non refundable agency fee(Ksh)
1,000 – 4,900500/=
5,000 and Above1,000/=
  • The tenancy is on monthly basis and can be terminated by either party’s one month written notice or payment of one month rent in lieu of notice.
  • That the tenant shall keep the premises in a good condition and shall not make any alterations, out or main in or additions to the premises without prior consent of the landlord and shall be responsible of all damages while in occupation.
  • The tenant shall notify the landlord or his agents of the need for any repair immediately upon such need become apparent. The landlord shall undertake the repair and structural decoration of each house and the tenant will on demand pay to the landlord or his agents the cost of any repairs necessitated by his/her own negligence or default.
  • That the premises shall be for residential purpose only and/or shall not use the premises for the purpose of commercial enterprise of any description, failure to which the tenant shall be evicted without notice.
  • That the tenant shall not brew spirituous liquor or create any annoyance to other tenants and shall not keep any kind of animals, domestic or otherwise, within the premises without the consent of the landlord.
  • That the tenant shall give access to the landlord/agent to enter and view the conditions of the premises during any hour of the day light provided the same will not cause any inconvenience to the tenant or their visitors.
  • The landlord reserves the right to evict a tenant who is convicted in a court of law for any criminal offense such as theft, burglary, armed robbery, sexual assault, murder and sale of illicit liquor.
  • That the tenant shall at all time not surrender or sublet the house to a friend or relatives without the consent of the landlord/agency.
  • That the tenant shall observe the above covenant as set out herein above including County Government and Kenya Power plus housing by-laws and Rent Restriction Tribunal Act.
  • (a) Amount paid as rent      Ksh…as agreed…

Rent Deposit paid                        Ksh…as agreed..

TOTAL                            ……………………………………………

  • The rent payable is Ksh…as agreed…Per month including/excluding light and water service (where applicable)
  • I/We ..tenant/s…do hereby agree and declare solemnly that I/We shall be settling my/our monthly rent in advance, pay all charges (or conservancy, water and electricity) in respect of the premises on time and when due and comply with all other conditions as set above so as to be accorded peaceful occupation of the premises.

Dated at…as shown/captured/indicated…this……………….day of…………………20…………………